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Welcome to Eye Candy!  My newest site. 
At my main site (AFirstTime ) the pictures just kept growing and growing and I just didn't have enough room.  So I decided to make this site just for my pics.  Right now I am just going to keep my picture trail albums, sorry I am still learning but all 600 or so of my pictures are still there.
I want to thank Nina for helping me out with the site: you are such a wonderful person!  I don't think I would have been able to do this without yah!
I also have to thank Zara and Sobaz for the great buttons they've made me! 
Visit Zara's site @ Zara and Sobaz's site @ Sobaz.

Huge update!
Uploaded Girls off Angel page
Added photos of Spike, Cordy, Lorne, Lindsay, Kate, Jenny, Joyce, Darla, & Dru.
New graphics kindly provided by Magic Lair Graphics Magic Lair Graphics and Breathless SMG-Breathless.
Uploaded the Guys of Angel page (which means 146 new pics for you all to ogle). 
Huge thanks to Petal Creations Petal Creations for the buttons!
Also now I have a button for you to link to me:
Beth's Eye Candy
(Just save the button to your file directory and link it to
The wonderful new buttons on the Girls off Buffy page were provided by  MagicGraphics

Now everyone just click on who you want to see (check out Girls Off Buffy, Guys of Buffy, Guys of Angel and Others) and explore the picture domain! 
And please, if you use any of my pics *which, by the way, feel free to do that's what they are here for* please send me what you make --I would love to see it.
This site is currently home to:
845 pictures
(With still more to come!)
This page last udpated: November 10th, 2002